Willkomen in der Deutschklasse!

Welcome to German!

I'm hoping this site will answer questions you may have about the language you are currently studying.

=This is a link to a lot of German nursery songs. We'll sing some of these this year.


To begin, click on Willkommen.This will take you to Deutsch Aktuel 1 Lektion 1A.If you need more help than this website provides, please come in to see me. I'm available before and after school, and during club period.
If you need to email me after school hours, use jbubeck@battlinminers.com. I will try to remember to check it nightly.

If you are doing a project and your printer dies, you can send it to me at my email address

Tips for Success

Study your vocabulary for about ten minutes a night. Be sure to review past vocabulary lists as well.

If you have a list to remember, make it into a mnemonic- Use the first letter of each word in a silly sentence.

If you need to remember a related group of words, try writing new lyrics to a song you know, for instance, Three Blind Mice.

Be sure to ask questions in class or privately. There is no such thing as a "dumb question" if it's something that's confusing you.

If you're learning German nouns, learn the article at the same time. If you color code your notes so each gender (der, die, das) is a different color, it will help you remember the noun's article.

Check back on this website often. I will be uploading and updating as we go.

Viel Glück!